About Me

Someone once said ‘To travel is to live’. And yes there is definitely a kind of magic about going far away and coming back all changed. And there is a kind of magic about living in different places, trying new things, learning new sports, tasting different food. So let me start…

Formal (boring) intro version:

My name is Ana and I am Serbian. I graduated from the University of Philology (English language and literature), Bachelor’s degree, and the University of Political Sciences (International relations), Master’s degree. I was a DARMASISWA student in Indonesia as well. I was working as a teacher, marketing manager, conference organizer, translator, interpretor, spa manager, surf and stand-up paddle board instructor. I am an ocean lover, and love surfing, swimming, everything that allows me to be in the water. I love Iyengar yoga and yoga on the stand-up paddle board. I also enjoy teaching and working with children.

Informal intro version:

My name is Ana and I am Serbian. Am I 100 per cent Serbian? Well, maybe you can say so… but bear in mind that Serbs are a mix of Balkanic (Illyrians, Thracians), Slavic, Anatolian, Sarmatians, Scythians, etc. My ancestors are allegedly of Iranian origin and they migrated to Europe and mixed with Celts, later on with Austro-Hungarians and Ottomans. Yet, everything of this could be true, and false. But the fact is in my veins flows the mixed blood like in the veins of most of us if not all of us so the best thing I can do is call myself an Earthling. I am the Earthling who loves nature, everything green and blue, the ocean, that huge wild amazing mysterious place, surfing, that taught me to love more, feel more, connect to nature even more… and I might add so many other things I love such as books, dogs, music and so on but I would rather let you enjoy (hopefully!) my scribblings i.e. my travel, life and surf stories.


PS. I’ve been studying life, surfing, travelling and I’ve been trying to graduate and master it but I still have not managed to do it. However, I enjoy the process and have no intention to stop!