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A couple of days ago, an older gentleman who often surfs in the same surf spot as I do, wished me a good morning and asked me with a smile:

“Aren’t you as well a fashion designer?”

“No, I know nothing about fashion.” I replied.

“Good for you,” he said, “all the girls I meet in this island are fashion designers. Most of them, just buy plain T-shirts, or ask some of the local tailors to sew for them few shirts or T-shirts and then, they put some ridiculous beach or surf-related print which is, by the way, very often misspelled, and they call themselves fashion designers.

I smiled and had to admit to myself that he was right.

To tell you the truth, I don’t know much about fashion. Actually, I know nothing about it. But what I know is to call yourself a fashion designer, graphic designer, writer, actor, web developer, software engineer, cook,etc. you need to either finish a proper school or spend some time learning and training for any of the mentioned professions or any others.

Some people spend a lifetime learning about certain topic. They constantly try to improve their knowledge or skills. They are not happy with what they have already achieved or at least they want to do better every next time. And their hunger for knowledge and self-improvement, as well as their humbleness, do not let them call themselves experts in certain field.

Of course, there are those who are not humble and who are well aware of their success and skills and they like showing off their expertise. But they have the right to do that.

Few people are naturally talented, and they don’t need to learn and train that much since they have inborn talents. Some of them still want to learn more, while others are happy with what they have, but they usually prove through their work that they could be called experts in certain fields.

And of course, there are those, who neither have inborn talents, who neither have finished a proper school, who don’t even want to learn more or improve skills in specific fields they say they are experts, but they are not ashamed to claim that they are experts. Very often, they are only motivated by money and their aim is to earn money exaggerating their knowledge and skills.

The same things is with these so-called fashion designers. The easiest way to earn money in a touristic place is to sell pieces of clothes with local patterns and some funny prints. And I don’t think anyone has anything against it. But when those people who do that call themselves fashion designers, then, of course, many others get pissed off. Pissed off are not only those who really are fashion designers, but also those who know what you really need to know and need to do to be the one.

My dear real fashion designers, don’t worry! All those efforts you have made and knowledge you have gained is not underestimated. And if it seems that these fake fashion designers put a black mark on your profession, don’t worry. It has nothing to do with your profession or any other. In this case, it is a black mark on individuals, not profession. And their punishment is the fact that they are being ridiculed by others.

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