Snapped surfboard

Snapping your favourite surfboard is one of the most unfortunate things that can happen in your surfing life (except some serious injuries!). We all try many and have few different surfboards. But there is that one which is pretty special, unique and most often used. And you start treating it like a human being. You […]

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Localism in surfing is that dark and ugly side of this amazing sport. Localism in some way is similar to nationalism since the main purpose of those who stand behind it is to protect their territory. However, both ideologies sometimes can be extreme. Unfortunately, we live in an age where extreme ideologies are dominating and […]

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Learn to surf

You have already tried surfing or you are keen on trying it and you want to learn this sport and become good in it. Great! So let me try to help you! You can definitely learn to surf on your own. It might take much longer than with an instructor/surfer friend but it is still […]

Surfing etiquette

The surfer closest to the peak has priority. If you are on the shoulder of the wave and someone else is deeper (closer to where the wave is starting to break), he/she has priority. Always look before you take off on the wave. Sometimes beginner surfers get into collision with another surfer simply because they […]

How to deal with panic attacks

If you are a newbie to surfing you will probably have to deal with more panic attacks then later on when you progress in surfing. However, it does not mean that advanced surfers don’t start panicking sometimes. The only their advantage is that, more or less, they know how to deal with panic attacks and […]