Rakija is the traditional Serbian alcoholic drink one can’t easily forget. It is that strong that it can easily knock you down. My story “Rakija” was published in two amazing magazines: Madcap Review and The Raven Chronicles. https://madcapreview.com/issue-8/ana-vidosavljevic/ Home

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To understand Serbian humour means to understand the way of life in Serbia. My story “Zadusnice: The Serbian All Souls’ Day” published in the magazine Talking Soup describes one small part of Serbian customs and tradition in a humours way. Read and comment: Zadusnice: The Serbian All Souls’ Day

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Three golden travel tips

Your traveling can be a beautiful adventure filled with great memories or the worst nightmare. Before you set off on a trip remind yourself of these golden tips. 1. Be nice but not naïve We need more nice people on this planet and if you are nice there is a great chance that others will […]

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Mistakes people make while travelling

We all make some careless mistakes when travelling and exploring the unknown. Sometimes those mistakes cause only a short-lasting headache but sometimes they can ruin your trip. With a little planning, it is easy to avoid some of the most common travelling mistakes and spend time enjoying your trip. 1. Not double checking your documents […]

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Travelling or running away?

A couple of times I have heard people saying: “I need to stop travelling and settle down, and live a real life.” I’ve started reflecting on the fact how many of us travel to escape something. And is it really escaping something or finding something? For some people, hard life situations are a reason to […]

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Tips for travelers

Before you decide to leave a comfort zone of your home and start a new journey anywhere on this planet, take into consideration these: Get some basic info before setting off to trip Before going to the other country learn a little bit about local customs and tradition. Try to find out about basic rules […]

Essential items for your trip

Everything is essential, just some things more than the others. Once you opt for a long trip without planned returned date you have to know what essentials you will need and get rid of any unnecessary items. No matter how many lucky charms, favorite pieces of jewelry, favorite T-shirts, shoes you have and would love […]

Open your mind

No one is born being racist. No one is born with prejudices, stereotypes and hatred. Unfortunately, these are all learned behavior patterns. These patterns are learned in our families, from teachers, friends, the media. In other words, we learn them through socialization. Also, parents, friends, the media play an important role in teaching values. If […]


Beautiful and chaotic, mesmerizing and tiring, enchanting and filthy, peaceful and noisy… yes that is Bali. It is full of contradictions. Bali is amazing thanks to the lovely Balinese people, impressive Hindu culture, their tradition, ceremonies, art, surfing, yoga. Bali is the only Hindu island in Indonesia and the Balinese people represent only 2% of […]