“I didn’t catch any wave because it was so crowded! It was a bit fat. People were dropping in on me all the time. The waves were bed. I didn’t have a good session because people were so aggressive. It was too choppy. My shoulder is sore.”

How often do you hear these and similar statements when you ask someone about his/her surfing that day, or when someone else asks you the same? Be honest and admit, how often do you use these excuses to cover up your own lack of commitment, fear, shame that you still have to learn a lot?

However, excuses are not always so bad. They can definitely positively influence those who have low self-esteem and easily get depressed. They might push them to keep trying instead of giving up on surfing. But these advantages of excuses are usually temporarily. Therefore, it might be better to get rid of them as soon as you improve your surfing skills. Old habits die hard and if you cultivate excuses for a long time, you might not be able to start leaving an excuse-free life.

Instead of blaming others or conditions for your bad surfing performance try to rationalize the whole experience.

If you keep going to the same surf break and you still have not had a good session there, it might be better to change the surf spot and try some other. After surfing different waves, you might come back to the same surf break and realize that your surfing has improved.

Furthermore, when you are out there, surrounded just by nature, take a deep breath, smile and try to enjoy the moments you spend in the water. Calm yourself. Meditate. If your mind is calm and you are focused, your surfing might improve.

Surf with your friends. Social time in the water will only improve your mood. You will find yourself smiling and laughing a lot and probably forget about excuses. Plus, your friends might give you tips or help you catch some good waves.

Move around and be active. Don’t just sit like a duck without trying to catch some more challenging waves. Surfing is exercise and it is scientifically proven that active people have more feelings of excitement and enthusiasm than people who are less physically active. By the way, you need to keep trying, even if you fail many times. Eventually, after trying the same thing many times, you will notice the improvement.

All that being said, it is time to practice it. There’s no catching waves and improvement of your surfing if you just sit without trying. And there is no success without failure. Instead of making excuses, tell yourself that next time it will be better and if it doesn’t get better, change your tactic, your approach, your board, surf spot.

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