My short story “Mermaids” was published in three beautiful magazines: The Curlew (, The Caterpillar ( and Eskimo Pie ( Thank you! Keep up the good work!



Mermaids were swimming in the shallow water, hoping that no human eye would notice them.

But humans are canny creatures and their senses are sharp. They spot and smell and feel more than anyone knows. They hide wolves in their blood and sharks in their veins and scorpions in their eyes.

The humans went hunting mermaids.

The mermaids were imprisoned, their wrists in shackles. Their freedom flew away and their eyes lost their colour. Their tails became dry and their scales fell off.

Soon enough, their tails split into pairs of legs and they could walk on land. But it felt like walking on knives.

They tried to run away in the depths of the ocean when all the human guards were asleep. But the ocean threw them away. Their lungs were full of air and they couldn’t breathe underwater anymore.

What were they now? Half-mermaids? Half-humans? Who did they belong to? Humans? The ocean? They were lost, lost between two worlds.

One world was their original home full of love, song, peace and water. And the other one was a scary place where they, for the first time, heard about malice, envy, hatred, jealousy, The feelings so scary that they couldn’t believe someone was able to have them.

They cried and cried until they had no more tears left. They wandered in the wilderness and prayed to the Ocean God. But he didn’t seem to hear them.

A deep forest was the only place which resembled the ocean. They could listen to the song of birds. It was peaceful and green. And they had one another.

If you ever decide to go to the deep forest to look for the mermaids, go alone. And go with your heart. Fill your body with peace and love and hum your favourite song. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to see the shadows of mermaids.

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