Mistakes people make while travelling

We all make some careless mistakes when travelling and exploring the unknown. Sometimes those mistakes cause only a short-lasting headache but sometimes they can ruin your trip. With a little planning, it is easy to avoid some of the most common travelling mistakes and spend time enjoying your trip.

1. Not double checking your documents

It is amazing how many people forget to check when their passport expires when booking a holiday. If you are planning to rent a motor bike or a car in a foreign country you will also need your valid driving license and international one. You will have to make sure you have them and they are valid. Also, it is important to double-check all your reservations for everything, hotels, flights, trains, buses as well as if your name is spelled correctly on your flight reservation and other booking confirmations.

2. Ignoring local culture

Travellers sometimes forget that β€œexotic” places they are visiting are not just a spectacle that exist for their enjoyment. It is normal that you don’t know much about cultural norms of foreign countries. But instead of being culturally insensitive try to get some information about the culture and surroundings in which you are travelling. Ignoring the local culture can often lead to rude and inappropriate behaviour that leaves both the traveller and the locals with the bad memories. Having an open mind and eagerness to learn about the new culture will help you blend better, enjoy and absorb culture in an interactive way.

3. Leaving your stuff unattended

Beach bags have always been a target for theft. No matter how great experience someone else had in any country on this planet it does not mean that you will have the same experience especially if you are careless. Travelling through undeveloped countries is an amazing adventure but you also have to consider the fact that there are people who are barely surviving and your phone or wallet can mean to them food for a couple of weeks or months. Animals can also be thieves especially monkeys. Unattended bags are often torn apart by curious and hungry monkeys. Therefore, you have to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Carry only necessary things with you and everything else either lock in your hotel room safe or leave with someone you trust. But don’t panic. This world is not a scary place and you should not be scared to travel. As long as you are careful while travelling and are aware of your surroundings, you will be fine and able to enjoy your trip.

4. Overspending and running out of money

Planning how much you will spend in every place you intend to visit is a good thing to do before you start your trip. Checking the accommodation prices and bus/train tickets are another thing to do before setting off. Asking friends who have already visited those places for recommendation and checking with them the prices of food, tickets for museums, national parks, etc. will help you a lot. It is important to create a realistic budget you can stick to with extra money for β€œwho knows what can happen” situation.

5. Forgetting to change money

In developed counties, there are ATMs on every corner. However, if you plan to visit some less developed areas and countries for which you are not sure that have the ATMs everywhere, make sure you have on hand some of their currency. The best thing to do is to change some money at your home airport so that you don’t risk long lines when you land.



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