As surfers, our biggest fears come from reefs, sharks, big waves. We are afraid of being injured, attacked by a shark, smashed by a huge wave. Often we avoid a little bit challenging surf spots, we hesitate taking off on bigger waves, and instead of sitting on the main peak we choose the shoulders of the waves since it is easier to take off there. This is especially the case with surfer girls.

Girls are in general over-thinkers. They tend to analyse and question everything. They over-think about various life situations and they over-think while surfing. Over-thinking often prevents them from completely enjoying surfing and improving their surfing skills. They hesitate in pushing themselves to improve since hundreds of thoughts prevent them. Over-thinking fills women’s mind with fear.

Surfer girls often stay away from the main peaks where the majority of surfers are men and the waves are more challenging. They often pull off instead of taking off on heavier drops and seem pretty picky in choosing the waves since the thought “I am not gonna make it” overcomes them.

Is there a cure for overt-thinking while surfing? Well, remember that you need to know your limits. Make sure you stay safe by using the board that is appropriate for your skills. And preferably surf with your buddies. As long as you are surfing just a little bit out of your comfort zone (not too much though!), your surfing will improve faster. If the waves are a bit bigger than you’ve got used to, give it a shot. Anyway, it is just water and in the worst case you will be wiped out few times. If you are afraid that you might drown while being held down, remember that you will be under the water, on average, just 5-6 seconds and don’t panic. Panicking is what makes you lose your breath.

Face your over-thinking. Accept the fact that you need to control this habit. Try to get control over your thoughts. Stay relaxed and develop optimistic approach to surfing. And when the next time the fear appears while you are getting ready to take off on a little bit bigger wave, go into action. Action will cure your fear and over-thinking! When you start going into action, you will stop over-thinking and you will get rid of your fear. It is easy to get sucked into “what if…” stories. If you are focused on failure and it is the only thing you think of, your ability to surf bigger waves and improve your surfing will get destroyed. Your focus needs to be on your great performance. Go for as many waves as you can. Of course, it does not mean that you should paddle for everything and drop in on people. Use your common sense here and look around you. But once the over-thinking and fear appear just ignore them and go for an upcoming wave. After all, the best surfing advice anyone can give you regarding your over-thinking is: “Feel the fear and do it anyway!”


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