Snapped surfboard

Snapping your favourite surfboard is one of the most unfortunate things that can happen in your surfing life (except some serious injuries!).

We all try many and have few different surfboards. But there is that one which is pretty special, unique and most often used. And you start treating it like a human being. You will rarely lend your favorite surfboard to anyone. And you will claim that there is no board like that one. Then, the day comes when things go wrong. You are in the impact zone, you have a heavy or late drop, the unexpected set hits your board, the board hits the reefs…and it is snapped in half! Well, people will start comforting you. Friends will tell you that the boards are made to be snapped and that you will repair it or even buy a better one. They will tell you that they are proud of you because now you are a real surfer.

I look on it as a broken relationship. In the beginning, you are so sad, hurt and you believe it will be hard to find a similar board. You will spend some time moaning, talking about it, thinking that it will be almost impossible to find a board you will really feel satisfied with. You will try few and they will seem not good enough. You will maybe even repair the snapped one and try using it again but riding the waves with the repaired one will never be the same. Eventually, you will store it somewhere in the house and keep it as a memory to good times together. Or you will give it to a neighbour’s kid, your nephew or niece to play around and improve their surfing.

And finally you will find a new amazing one. And the new one will be great! You might feel differently on the waves with it, not because the snapped one was the best board ever and because it is better than the new one but because your surfing has changed and improved. You will start bragging endlessly about its nice performance, lightness, speed. And you will fall in love with it! It will be your new favourite board. You will use it most of the time, in almost any conditions and you will take special care of it. No better board! At least until you snap it.

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