Statement on Beauty

Nightingales wake me up on a warm summer morning. The curtains wide open let the sun rays play with my hair which rests lazily on the pillow. I go outside and breathe in the dew-filled air. The soft music of leaves dancing with the light summer breeze complements lovely chords of the nightingale song. My nostrils are filled with the strong fragrance of frangipani. Yellow frangipani flowers and purple bougainvillea are my companions every morning. I walk through the garden and touch their petals. Soft, silky and fragile. They caress my palms and fill my body with some strange tenderness. The pleasant goose bumps show up on my skin and enjoyable chills run down my spine. I breathe in deeply and let all my senses enjoy these miracles of nature. Those tangible and those imperceptible. They are the real beauty of this world. And even if we sometimes forget about them carried by the hustle and bustle of everyday life, they are always there impatiently waiting for us to notice them.

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