Surf culture

To some people surfing is just a sport, to others it is just another way to exercise and to some others it is a way of life.

Surfing is not only a sport activity but a lifestyle, a fashion, a way to express the pursuit for freedom, an escape, a religion, an art. Surfing promotes a free and easy lifestyle. And life itself should not be filled with constant hardship and stress, It should be a beautiful game which lets us enjoy this world, nature and give us the chance to realize that we and nature are one. Therefore, we need to protect our other half.

The environmentalism is closely connected to surfing. Surfers spend time outdoors, in the water and they have a chance to face environmental problems. It is important to experience environmental issues in a real-life setting to understand the problems we have today when the environment is concerned and, what is even more important, to take action on these issues. Most of surfers are environmentalists. They get into the water every day, see a lot of garbage in the ocean, notice that certain animal species are slowly disappearing or are endangered and through those experiences they have the chance to take action since surfing and the ocean are their life. These issues often influence them to enrol in environmental studies, marine biology and oceanology. Many surfers are researchers and scientists. Therefore, the surfing has increased the number of people interested in protecting the environment and creating better awareness of its problems.

Surfing has also inspired hundreds of artists who have focused mainly on painting and photographing surfing scenes or at least those related and connected to surfing. Instagram and other social media sites are full of photographers who promote their photography of an oceanside lifestyle, surfing adventures, waves, healthy food.

Since surfing is physically demanding, it requires a great deal of strength. Therefore, fitness, a lot of exercise and good food are very important for this sport. The physical demands of surfing affect what and when surfers eat. Surfers diet is usually based on natural foods. Nowadays, there are many health markets who contain organic products, which preserve natural resources and refrain from genetically modified ingredients. Surfers are those who promote this kind of markets and they are probably the pioneers of modern healthy lifestyle. Most of surfers are supporters of organic farms and organic food and they enrol in permaculture courses and organic gardening.

Surfers are those who support and promote outdoor life. Life in nature and with nature. And we all know that nature is more than good for our health and happiness. If we can help people to connect with nature it is not just good for them, it is great news for nature.


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