Surfing, body boarding and stand-up paddle boarding

Surfers are not always friendly to stand-up paddle boarders and body boarders. And many of them will openly admit that especially stand-up paddle boarding is not always welcome in the line-up.

I have been talking to many surfers and they have explained why they don’t like to see stand-up paddle boarders especially in the crowded places.

Short boards can seriously hurt someone and imagine what a 10 ft stand-up paddle board can do if it hits someone. Those big and especially heavy boards can terribly hurt people.

Both stand-up paddle boarders and body boarders can easily catch waves without much paddling and that is another reason for surfers to not like them. Surfers often accuse stand-up paddle boarders and body boarders of wave hogging and not respecting the surf etiquette. The truth is, even super talented short boarders will struggle to get onto waves anywhere near as early as those on stand-up paddle boards and body boards. And regarding the surfing etiquette, unfortunately there are many surfers who don’t respect it either.

However, this rivalry has been present for some time but I don’t know if it is very interesting. We are there for the same reason, to catch waves and enjoy the time spent in the water. A different style of riding does not have to mean hot tempers, arguments, yelling and even fighting. There are waves for everyone. As long as people respect each other in the water and share waves, it doesn’t matter what they ride – surfboard, stand-up paddle board, body board, kayak.

And there are some common sense rules everyone should respect:

– don’t be a wave hog and don’t snake,

– take turns, share waves,

– try not to paddle through the line-up,

– always wear a leash/leg rope,

– don’t drop in.

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