Temptations are to be resisted, or not?

Have you ever caught yourself thinking about doing something that usually you wouldn’t? Something that you think is not good, not moral, and even disgraceful. Have you ever been in the situation when that strange pulling and a bit evil but tempting force is pushing you to do something that doesn’t match your values? But you can’t help it.
None of us is a stranger to temptation. We have all had our moment of weakness when trying to control ourselves. We are tempted to eat junk food even if we have health problems and doctors prescribe us special diets. We are tempted to lose temper and react harshly without pausing to think about it. And in a relationship, we are tempted at some time by another person and the idea of cheating slips into our mind. We are tempted to get drunk and misbehave embarrassing ourselves in public.
What people are tempted by differs from one individual to the next. It seems that some people are stronger willed than others. But maybe there’s something more involved that makes each person different. Rules about what is right and wrong also vary from one society to another. While something might be acceptable in one culture, it might be quite taboo in another.
Temptation sounds like a bad thing. And very often it causes a lot of trouble. In the moments of temptation, there is a conflict between your immediate gut instinct and longer term goals. But some of us can’t easily control themselves in those moments and they surrender to temptation. Is it really so bad to surrender and do something that maybe we would normally not do?
We can not put everyone in the same basket. Some people’s moral values are different than ours and even if they are not, there are people who can live without guilty conscience after doing something that maybe was not the best thing to do and on the other hand, there are those who will suffer the whole life because they surrender to temptation.
Those who easily surrender to temptation probably do not have such a strong feeling that they are doing something wrong and maybe the temptations are not a bad thing for them.
However, those who rarely surrender to temptations and are not that often provoked by them have to face with moral dilemma and decide what to do.
Before you decide to surrender to temptation or not, probably the best thing to do is to stop and think. Is the surrendering to temptation going to hurt someone? Is it going to cause your guilty conscience? Will you suffer after you did it because you did it? Or you will surrender to temptation and after that feel free and happy because there is no more temptation to think about?
Everyone has a different way of coping with temptation. Therefore, the best you can do is give yourself some time to think about it. Think long term and figure out if this surrendering might cause more trouble later both to you and someone else or it will bring peace to your soul and you will be calmer after.
It takes a great deal of energy and effort to fight “hot” emotional impulses. Furthermore, suppressing emotions is stressful and takes a toll physically and emotionally. Therefore, in order to deal with temptation and avoid stress you have to learn what causes stress: temptation itself, its consequences or avoiding it.
And after all, if your temptations are not great things and appear too often, try practising self-control. Beginnings are often hard but the more your practice self-control and the more often you avoid surrendering to temptations, eventually, you will become immune to them. Good luck!

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