Three golden travel tips

Your traveling can be a beautiful adventure filled with great memories or the worst nightmare. Before you set off on a trip remind yourself of these golden tips.

1. Be nice but not naΓ―ve

We need more nice people on this planet and if you are nice there is a great chance that others will be nice with you too. But while travelling, remind yourself of the fact that as a traveller you are an easy target. You probably carry with yourself more money that locals, you don’t know all the local rules, places, customs, and some, not very nice, people can use that to rob you. Or they might sell you certain things for more money than it is reasonable if you haven’t previously checked the normal prices for the same things.

2. Relax but pay attention

Don’t be a nervous prick who freaks out every time a local approaches you. People in certain countries are very friendly and they are eager to get to know foreigners. Be friendly as well and share smiles. However, pay attention to your wallet, passport and any other valuables you carry with you.

3. Explore but make sure you hire a guide to explore places you can’t otherwise access

There are dangerous zones and roads that you will probably not be able to explore alone. For these adventures, the best thing is to hire a guide. Also, certain places you will want to get to know better. In order to understand them, you might need to know more about those places (history, strategic and cultural significance). Those places are better travelled with a guide, who would explain to you everything you need to know.

There are be many other things you will have to take into consideration when planning your trip. It will depend on the destination and length of travelling. Therefore, it is good to plan a little bit your trip in advance. And once you start travelling, always be conscious of your safety and security.

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