Why do we need heroes?

We live in the 21st century, in the world which is so small that you can easily call and talk to anyone in any country at any time. And you can even see that person though your phone or computer camera. And satellites which are somewhere high above our heads show everything to those who are supposed to know everything. And security systems are advanced and excellent in their performance. And we seem to be safer and freer than ever. So, how come we cherish and love all those Marvel, Netflix, Hollywood and other super-hero movies that bring some elevation and burst of emotions in us? Why do they make us feel so happy, excited and comforted? Why do we need them when we live in the century of modern technology and even if some enemies attack us, the modern devices and modern weapons will destroy them without the need to send people to fight those enemies? Well, maybe the answer is in the modern technology.

The modern technology has brought us so many benefits. Mobile phones, applications, amazing cameras, spectacular house apparatus, soon, if we don’t have them somewhere on this planet, we will probably have the robots that will perform our house chores, and we could embrace our laziness and sit in front of our mobile phones, TVs, computers, video games and do whatever we want with our social media profiles, websites, chats and other new online networks. And that modern technology can destroy anyone who threaten us. No such peril lurks around the corner that the modern devices can’t track and eliminate. However, we still admire those humanlike super-heroes who heroically save the world mostly with their own hands, those who conquer unbelievable obstacles and accomplish their goals, those who invent the medicines for terminal diseases and cure the ill. We need those heroes because they make us feel good, they improve our mood when we are down, they give us hope and solve problems easily which often motivates us to approach difficult situations with a positive attitude. And what is also important, they, for a moment, make us forget of all those modern apparatus, devices, machines and feel human.

Our heroes show that human interaction, care for the others and moral values are what matters. They are fearless, usually caring and don’t give up, and they wake us up from the lethargy into which this modern age has brought us, no matter that we often don’t want to admit that. The fact that they bring back that what is “human” in us, and shake our robotic bodies and habits, complement to the fact that we need heroes, nowadays more than ever.

Therefore, when I watch all those Marvel movies that celebrate those heroes, and when I see the interest of the new generations in the achievements of sportsmen, scientists, environmentalist, pacifists, and other benefactors of our planet’s well-being, I do feel relief. It still makes me feel worried that we are becoming addicted to the modern technology and its products and that we forget about our moral, human values as well as our planet earth’s health, but I honestly believe we can change it. Spreading the awareness that we and our planet might be in danger not only of some strange alien creatures but of ourselves and our actions is one step toward our salvation. We can do it by ourselves but I believe we still need heroes to motivate us and give us an extra push.

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